• Chaos and Waste

    November 2014

    In the exhibition of the kitchen island (see works), I tried to address, in a comical manner the carelessness with which many of us buy products in shops or as takeaway wrapped in plastic. Yoghurt pots, Actimel (it takes a minute to drink), juice, water, packaged sandwiches, tomatoes, raspberries, olives, cream-cheese, milk, cream, and even apples, all come in plastic containers.


    Plastered cotton buds

    I casted the waste I collected in plaster and the plaster objects in turn populated the kitchen island.  


    Cast waste with plastered socks.
  • Steps

    July 2014

    the stairs move, and form a decorative object in the room.  This was a study for steps in the Toolkit. They were, however, abandoned in favour of a simple ladder.

  • Stair-stage, study

    July 2014

    This was an attempt to make the stairs a private room as well as a stage, rather than an object that connects two levels. It is part of a study to make a house out of prefabricated objects: a screen, a cupboard and stairs.