• Giant Dolls' House in Edenton NC
    Spaces and Places in the Peanut Factory

    October 2017

    On Wednesday October 25th, our installation in Edenton North Carolina opened.  It was held in 'the Peanut Factory' an artist retreat and community arts centre in a disused Peanut Factory. The centre is run and being renovated by artist Julia Townsend and her Husband Lincoln Adams. 

    Dolls' Houses were made by Julia Townsend, attendants of an after school Arts Club, Studio 511 in Elizabeth city, children from Gates County High School, John Holmes High School in Edenton, children from the boys and girls club after school activity centre and by two ladies, in their eighties, who were professional dolls' house makers. 

  • House in West Sussex

    October 2017

    CLT has arrived. Thank you T-SA for collaborating on this project with me.

  • Chaos and Waste

    November 2014

    In the exhibition of the kitchen island (see works), I tried to address, in a comical manner the carelessness with which many of us buy products in shops or as takeaway wrapped in plastic. Yoghurt pots, Actimel (it takes a minute to drink), juice, water, packaged sandwiches, tomatoes, raspberries, olives, cream-cheese, milk, cream, and even apples, all come in plastic containers.


    Plastered cotton buds

    I casted the waste I collected in plaster and the plaster objects in turn populated the kitchen island.  


    Cast waste with plastered socks.
  • Steps

    July 2014

    the stairs move, and form a decorative object in the room.  This was a study for steps in the Toolkit. They were, however, abandoned in favour of a simple ladder.

  • Stair-stage, study

    July 2014

    This was an attempt to make the stairs a private room as well as a stage, rather than an object that connects two levels. It is part of a study to make a house out of prefabricated objects: a screen, a cupboard and stairs.