• Third Price For Hidden Homelessness Competition Organised with New Horizon Youth Centre

    September 2018

    Proud to be part of the winning team for this important competition. Our proposal: 'Good Night', combined a hotel and hostel, as a social entrepreneurship project. Goodnight was written in the parapet of the proposed building: wishing all in the building as well as all in the city a good night. We wish each other a good night, every night, a pledge, or reminder that sleeping safely is important: something we should all work towards achieving for all.

    Office Ten

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    Catja de Haas Architects Collaborated with Rosie Bichard; Anders Luhr and Erika Suzuki from OfficeTen . Sophie Walker worked on the project for Catja de Haas Architects.

    HH-Haas2_180929_153704.jpg#asset:321HH-Haas1.jpg#asset:318SketchFront, showing the entrance of the centre and the garden.

  • House in West Sussex
    House in West Sussex is nearing Completion.

    August 2018

    A replacement dwelling of 312 m2 is almost finished. A large, glazed space, of 3 meter high and a grass roof envelops two oak clad boxes. The house is smaller than the house that was there previously and most of the glass is directed towards the garden.

    The project was executed in collaboration with Takero Shimazaki Architects. Foster Structures the structural Engineer.

  • House in West Sussex

    October 2017

    CLT has arrived. Thank you T-SA for collaborating on this project with me.

  • Steps

    July 2014

    the stairs move, and form a decorative object in the room.  This was a study for steps in the Toolkit. They were, however, abandoned in favour of a simple ladder.

  • Stair-stage, study

    July 2014

    This was an attempt to make the stairs a private room as well as a stage, rather than an object that connects two levels. It is part of a study to make a house out of prefabricated objects: a screen, a cupboard and stairs.