Cat­ja de Haas Archi­tects looks at archi­tec­ture on all scales: from build­ings, to pieces of fur­ni­ture, art instal­la­tions, urban plans, ideas and con­cepts. We feel that good archi­tec­ture is made when the project is con­sid­ered in its con­text and the right ques­tions are asked in order to come to a bal­anced, orig­i­nal pro­pos­al, that con­forms to the wish­es of the client, while con­sid­er­ing the site. The prof­its made are invest­ed in the run­ning of The Giant Dolls’ House Project’, a com­mu­ni­ty arts project that rais­es aware­ness and funds for the impor­tance of a home and com­mu­ni­ty for all. 

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Vir­tu­al Giant Dolls House

March 2020

In this unusu­al time, we are all acquaint­ing our­selves with new restric­tions on our per­son­al space and com­mu­ni­ty. Being in a con­fined space on your own is dif­fi­cult. Being with your loved ones for over a month is, whilst a bless­ing, also tire­some at times; it is for this rea­son that the Giant Dolls’ House is pro­vid­ing a wel­come activ­i­ty to help fill your days!

Through mak­ing a dolls’ house in a shoe­box, we hope to bring a lit­tle fun and cre­ativ­i­ty into your life whilst show­ing the impor­tance of com­mu­ni­ty and sup­port in times such as these. All you have to do is find a box (it doesn’t have to be a shoe­box!) and dec­o­rate it in a way which reflects your expe­ri­ences, emo­tions and sur­round­ings in times like these. Along with your box, write a lit­tle sto­ry, or expla­na­tion about it and why you chose to dec­o­rate it as you did – we love hear­ing about your experiences!

For this instal­la­tion of the Giant Dolls’ House, how­ev­er, we are going vir­tu­al. So, when you’ve fin­ished it, post it onto your social media, tag us, and then we will take your box and bring it togeth­er into one big social­ly dis­tanced, self-iso­lat­ed, dis­in­fect­ed com­mu­ni­ty ! Instruc­tions will be on the web­site and social media. 

The Times Mag­a­zine fea­tures Burwood

Words: Dominic Brad­bury Pho­tographs: Rachael Smith

February 2020

When it came to choos­ing the per­fect spot for a new fam­i­ly home, the coastal low­lands around Chich­ester Har­bour pulled on Cat­ja de Haas’s heart­strings. This hin­ter­land between land and sea remind­ed the Dutch archi­tect of her child­hood back in the Nether­lands, so West Sus­sex and its land­scape rep­re­sent­ed a curi­ous kind of homecoming.

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Refur­bish­ment of House in Wandsworth

September 2019

Two small bed­rooms on the top floor are sep­a­rat­ed with a cur­tain and have both a small loft room to retreat into. This reduces the height-per­cep­tion of the house and reduces the load on the foun­da­tion. A small dormer hous­es a new small room with views over the city and under the eaves a sec­ond bed­room is locat­ed. The void space is used to hang net­ting in. 

The rafters in the cathe­dral ceil­ing have been left exposed and have been painted.

Net­ting under construction.

Win­dow in roof dormer.

Third Prize For Hid­den Home­less­ness Com­pe­ti­tion Organ­ised with New Hori­zon Youth Centre

Home­less­ness is still a huge issue, a year after this com­pe­ti­tion was launched and which was won by Mor­ris and co. We will leave this entry as a reminder of the impor­tance of the issue. We do hope to inspire hotel own­ers to incor­po­rate our ideas.

September 2018

Hid­den Home­less­ness Com­pe­ti­tion on the Colan­der Website.

Proud to be part of the win­ning team for this impor­tant com­pe­ti­tion. Our pro­pos­al: Good Night’, com­bined a hotel and hos­tel, as a social entre­pre­neur­ship project. Good­night was writ­ten in the para­pet of the pro­posed build­ing: wish­ing all in the build­ing as well as all in the city a good night. We wish each oth­er a good night, every night, a pledge, or reminder that sleep­ing safe­ly is impor­tant: some­thing we should all work towards achiev­ing for all. 

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Cat­ja de Haas Archi­tects Col­lab­o­rat­ed with Rosie Bichard; Anders Luhr and Eri­ka Suzu­ki from OfficeTen. Sophie Walk­er worked on the project for Cat­ja de Haas Architects.


July 2014

the stairs move, and form a dec­o­ra­tive object in the room. This was a study for steps in the Toolk­it. They were, how­ev­er, aban­doned in favour of a sim­ple ladder.