Green Bridge

Re-Imag­in­ing Rail­way Sta­tions : Con­nect­ing Communities

January 2021

Ideas — For small and medi­um stations

The sta­tion and sta­tion approach are com­bined in a green pedes­tri­an bridge that cross­es the rail­way line cre­at­ing a com­mu­ni­ty gar­den close to the town. The bridge will serve three func­tions: it will link the sta­tion to the towns’ cen­tre (many sta­tions in small towns are out­side of the cen­tre). It makes cross­ing the rail­way line safe for pedes­tri­ans and it allows wildlife and flow­ers to cross.

The railway station - as a green bridge
The Green Bridge

The sta­tion will be placed under­neath the bridge and the remain­ing space under­neath the bridge will be used as offices and com­mu­ni­ty ser­vices: just like the space under­neath the tra­di­tion­al rail­way arch­es has been the home to small busi­ness­es and start-ups and a place of urban regen­er­a­tion. The ends of both sides of the bridge will be used as bicy­cle stor­age. In the sta­tion hub there is space for ama­zon pick up points and cash machines togeth­er with the tick­et sell­ing machines.

The bridge can come in dif­fer­ent widths, depend­ing on the size of the town and can have stairs at one or both ends if there is no space for the full bridge at the spe­cif­ic station.

On top of the bridge we pro­pose a series of pavil­ions’. These can be designed as part of the sta­tion, but also by local artists and archi­tects to make the sta­tion recog­nis­able for trav­ellers. The pavil­ions can house com­mu­ni­ty cafés, food dis­tri­b­u­tion centres/​offices or con­sul­tan­cy rooms. 

The pro­pos­al uses the tra­di­tion­al func­tion of the rail­way arch­es as places of regen­er­a­tion while mak­ing them as a link between the sta­tion and the towns. The pro­posed struc­ture is a series of tim­ber arch­es that will sup­port a CLT slab. The CLT would be dimen­sioned in such a way that it will be easy to expand the bridge and add pavil­ions to it. Rain water will be col­lect­ed and reused to water the plants on the bridge which will also use hydro­pon­ic technology. 

The railway bridge - as a community space.
The rail­way bridge — as a com­mu­ni­ty space.