Cornish Cottage, a new build featured in Selfbuild

July 2020

The building needed to be finished in a short time and the client wanted to use a local builder with knowledge of traditional methods.

The client loved the traditional Cornish slate and traditional cottages as well as Voysies buildings in the neighbourhood. It was also important to protect and respect the plot and the original settings of their surroundings: where many houses are built too big for their plot.

Cottages have been built, arguably, in most cultures in most settings. They have in common that they use: local, easily available materials, are simple in shape and don’t use many materials. 

We drew plans of a converted cottage’ with the entrance at the side of the cottage underneath a canopy and next to the kitchen. The ground floor kitchen, dining living runs on the first floor and is double height where the living room is, from where there are stairs going up to a loft space with two small rooms in dormers, a balcony looking into the living room and with views over the ocean.

The whole property is wheelchair accessible, so the terrace doors are sliding doors and the other doors are specialist. The extra downstairs bathroom is also wheelchair accessible.