Refur­bish­ment of House in Wandsworth

January 2020

This south Lon­don house has under­gone a com­plete trans­for­ma­tion, whilst retain­ing and restor­ing orig­i­nal features.

Two small bed­rooms on the top floor are sep­a­rat­ed with a cur­tain and have both a small loft room to retreat into. This reduces the height-per­cep­tion of the house and reduces the load on the foun­da­tion. A small dormer hous­es a new small room with views over the city and under the eaves a sec­ond bed­room is locat­ed. The void space is used to hang net­ting to cre­ate hammocks. 

The rafters in the cathe­dral ceil­ing have been left exposed and have been painted.

More images and infor­ma­tion here.