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Cottage in Cornwall

Consultancy project: the client self built the project on the basis of the plans we made and our advice during the build.

A five bedroom cottage for a family. The client, a geologist by training was keen to use traditional Cornish slate on the roof. The beautiful grey dominates the building. By creating dormers in the roof we could keep the roof low and make two small bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor. The windows overlook the sea. To build a cottage we advised to: keep the shape simple, put windows and dormers in line with eachother, don’t use more than three materials inside. BY making the entrance at the short end of the building one enters next to the kitchen and utility: as if one enters through the back door. This saved us making a large entrance in the middle of the building. The client used a builder well versed in making traditional Cornish details. 

Stymies 180120 sb58
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