Kitchen Island Project

The kitchen island, represents on the one hand a great love for cooking and eating. On the other hand it has become such a large presence in contemporary homes that it can also be read as an example of mismanagement of space and a waste of resources. The pristine cleanliness of the island raises questions about its maintenance: cleaning and washing up. Even gender issues can be discussed through the kitchen island.

In this exhibition I constructed a kitchen island in the TESTBED 1 space. The island itself could be used for cooking, gathering and eating, while the interior was be filled with surreal objects and installations. The exhibition was a continuation of earlier research into domestic spaces and a critique and exploration of the idiosyncrasies of domestic space . 

Washing lines were stretched between the columns of the space. Pegs on the washing line held the photos, texts and exploratory drawings of the project. 

The island was accompanied by the first Giant Dolls’house.