Burwood Shoe Stick Furniture


A result of Catja’s fascination with creating spaces around objects, rather than rooms and a result of her PhD by design Dollhouse toolkit. The pieces form a collection with adaptable and multi-purpose uses. Ranging from Light stands to small display tables and Mirror holders each was developed with the intention of giving a specific, but changeable purpose to a space. In Burwood, the Stick Furniture’ was developed as an inbuilt part of the wraparound bench and is fixed to the ground with reused steel scaffolding tubes. 

Mirror Comb 02
Burwood-Multi-use window sill
Burwood-Stick Furniture concept sketch
Small Table 01
Burwood-Stick furniture along ground floor window sill
Mirror Comb 03
Burwood-Stick furniture close-up
Burwood Shoe Storage
Burwood-floor to ceiling shoe storage