4 Woningen en 30 Parkeerplaatsen- 4 houses and 31 parkingplaces
Invited competition in Den Hague, 2001, with Sabine Riss

July 2014 — Description

Picture of detail of the front façade.

Picture of the back, with the gardens.

A study commissioned by Ceres projecten, to make a proposal for the Korendijkstraat in Scheveningen for four houses and thirty one parking places, on the place of a formal sports hall. The scale of the surrounding houses, former fishermen's dwellings, was small. It was therefore decided to keep the scale of the new-built houses small and low.  The floor-plan and facade of each house is different as an answer to the triangular site, to achieve plasticity in the façade in response to the many small similarities and differences between the houses in the neighbourhood. The houses are build on the parking garage.