Bat Roost sketch1v3

Barn for Bats and Cars

This outbuilding epitomises one of the climate’s questions we often discuss when building in AONBs. Who are we building for? How do we preserve the existing Bat population and make sure they can still forage in the dark? This building makes the dichotomy between man and bats visible and tries to unite the two into one building. One side is dark and the other light. The owner will always be aware of what happens on the other side of the outbuilding. This is a question we’d like to explore further: how can we share space with each other?

OB Fromafar Cropped
a view of the proposed shed with our nearby cottage renovation
OB fromabove Cropped
Physical model; aerial view
1 24 Photo
Det 1 34 Photo
1 28 Photo
2 45 Photo
OB Ground Floor 01
Ground Floor
OB Section01 N Ogreenery 01
Long section with the new bat roost
OB Section02 Short Section NO Greenery 02
Cross section