Together We Care
Together We Care

A short film takes viewers through the Together We Care’ installation. More than 100 people participated in this project. Refugee and non-refugee families, students and professionals from different countries made dolls’ houses that tell their stories of home, community and belonging. By linking the dolls’ houses with ropes and ramps and ladders the project aims to explore the meaning of home and community after a year of COVID19 restrictions and the isolation these caused, while highlighting the experience of being a refugee in an attempt to create solidarity and understanding across the political and socio-economic divide.

To see the film before 20th June 2021, click this link.

For more information about the Giant Dolls’ House project click this link.

We created this community arts initiative to raise awareness of homelessness and the refugee crisis, and with collaboration with Oxfam on projects since 2019. The project asks its participants to create a miniature roomscape in a box. The dioramas are then displayed en masse as an installation, linked by ropes, ladders and ramps in a colourful cardboard maze that muses on the meaning of home.

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FT - Giant Dolls House
Financial Times article — The Giant Dolls’ House

To get involved this year visit www​.giant​doll​s​house​.org and submit your roomscape in a box, as part of Refugee Week (14 to 20 June), the deadline for submissions has been extended to 14th June 2021.

Burwood featured in the Ways with Wood’ issue of Grand Designs

10 Terrific Timber Homes, written by Anna Winston

May 2021

The feature explores building a house with innovative materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT) and natural structural insulated panels (NSIPs) and how this satisfies a demand for more sustainable construction that’s not limited by the design constraints of traditional wooden forms. Illustrating how this versatile material can be strikingly contemporary, environmentally progressive and cost-effective.

Burwood - Grand Designs

Green Bridge Re-Imag­in­ing Rail­way Sta­tions : Con­nect­ing Communities

Ideas — For small and medi­um stations

February 2021

The sta­tion and sta­tion approach are com­bined in a green pedes­tri­an bridge that cross­es the rail­way line cre­at­ing a com­mu­ni­ty gar­den close to the town. The bridge will serve three func­tions: it will link the sta­tion to the towns’ cen­tre (many sta­tions in small towns are out­side of the cen­tre). It makes cross­ing the rail­way line safe for pedes­tri­ans and it allows wildlife and flow­ers to cross. More information

The build­ing need­ed to be fin­ished in a short time and the client want­ed to use a local builder with knowl­edge of tra­di­tion­al methods. The client loved the tra­di­tion­al Cor­nish slate and tra­di­tion­al cot­tages as well as Voysies build­ings in the neighbourhood.

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