Cottage Sketch 1


This design and build project is an extensive retrofit and extension to a 200-year cottage stone structure (originally a cowshed). The stairs are moved out of the original cottage into a new extension with a grass roof. A small timber dormer (as a small shed) covers the stairs. Removing the stairs from the cottage creates space for an extra bedroom. The entrance also becomes a small viewing point over the landscape and to the other side of the cottage.

MG 4549 2 Perspective
MG 4541 front view
CO Ground Floor Presentation Large 01
Ground Floor
CO First Floor Presentation Large 01
First Floor
Elevations 04 No Greenery LARGE 02
South Elevation
Elevations 03 No Greenery LARGE 01
West Elevation
Interior Render Lumoin
Dining area
Interior Render Lumion 02
View from entrance