Cot­tage in Cornwall
A new build house, built in a tra­di­tion­al man­ner with local materials.

Con­sul­tan­cy project: the client self built the project on the basis of the plans we made and our advice dur­ing the build.

A five bed­room cot­tage for a fam­i­ly. The client, a geol­o­gist by train­ing was keen to use tra­di­tion­al Cor­nish slate on the roof. The beau­ti­ful grey dom­i­nates the build­ing. By cre­at­ing dorm­ers in the roof we could keep the roof low and make two small bed­rooms and a bath­room on the first floor. The win­dows over­look the sea. To build a cot­tage we advised to: keep the shape sim­ple, put win­dows and dorm­ers in line with eachother, don’t use more than three mate­ri­als inside. BY mak­ing the entrance at the short end of the build­ing one enters next to the kitchen and util­i­ty: as if one enters through the back door. This saved us mak­ing a large entrance in the mid­dle of the build­ing. The client used a builder well versed in mak­ing tra­di­tion­al Cor­nish details. 

First sketch