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Good Night

Entry for the Hidden Homeless’ competition 2018 for New Horizon Youth Centre. 3rd place. In collaboration with Office Ten. 

The proposal combines the homeless shelter function with a hotel- restaurant. A hotel will have a large number of people coming through the building, should be profitable in this location and can be combined with the aims of the shelter. Three reference projects that each promote one or several aspects of the integration of homeless people into society, show how we see the hotel and shelter interact. 

First of all, interaction and exchange of information between different guests and beneficiaries (Salaam Baalak Trust in New Delhi): in particular, as there are many universities in the area we assume guests may have the expertise to share with the beneficiaries through lectures and workshops in the restaurant, which will be a place of exchange and open to non-guests. 

Second, the hotel itself offers a variety of jobs, for those who want to, from low to high skilled for the beneficiaries, who can be trained in a safe environment before they move on (House of Saint Barnabas London). 

Third, guests contribute by paying, or donating, to the maintenance of the shelter (Hotel los Ninos, Cusco, Peru). 

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Ground Floor plan
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