Kitchen Island Project
An exhi­bi­tion in TEST­BED 01, Octo­ber 2014 to explore the kitchen island as a room in your room.

The kitchen island, rep­re­sents on the one hand a great love for cook­ing and eat­ing. On the oth­er hand it has become such a large pres­ence in con­tem­po­rary homes that it can also be read as an exam­ple of mis­man­age­ment of space and a waste of resources. The pris­tine clean­li­ness of the island rais­es ques­tions about its main­te­nance: clean­ing and wash­ing up. Even gen­der issues can be dis­cussed through the kitchen island.

In this exhi­bi­tion I con­struct­ed a kitchen island in the TEST­BED 1 space. The island itself could be used for cook­ing, gath­er­ing and eat­ing, while the inte­ri­or was be filled with sur­re­al objects and instal­la­tions. The exhi­bi­tion was a con­tin­u­a­tion of ear­li­er research into domes­tic spaces and a cri­tique and explo­ration of the idio­syn­crasies of domes­tic space . 

Wash­ing lines were stretched between the columns of the space. Pegs on the wash­ing line held the pho­tos, texts and explorato­ry draw­ings of the project. 

The island was accom­pa­nied by the first Giant Dolls’house.