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The Peanut Factory is a historic peanut factory building located at Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina. It was built about 1909, and it is a five-story, brick factory building with a six-story elevator tower and attached engine room. Not ll of it is in tact anymore, but much is.

The owners, an artist and a joiner and builder, are converting the factory into an artist residency. They have been renovating the factory with materials that they found or were made available to them. The building itself has a beautiful presence, which was enhanced by the work the owners are doing on the building, so our work at this stage was to make a strategy and set rules for the development and provide ideas for the use of the spaces, and for moveable spaces, while maintaining the unique character of the building.

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peeled off facade
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We also were invited to make a Giant Dollshouse in the peanut factory, with many people participating.