Peanut Fac­to­ry
Pro­pos­al and strat­e­gy for a turn of the cen­tu­ry reclaimed Peanut Fac­to­ry in Eden­ton, Chowan Coun­try North Carolina.

The Peanut factory

The Peanut Fac­to­ry is a his­toric peanut fac­to­ry build­ing locat­ed at Eden­ton, Chowan Coun­ty, North Car­oli­na. It was built about 1909, and it is a five-sto­ry, brick fac­to­ry build­ing with a six-sto­ry ele­va­tor tow­er and attached engine room. Not ll of it is in tact any­more, but much is.

The own­ers, an artist and a join­er and builder, are con­vert­ing the fac­to­ry into an artist res­i­den­cy. They have been ren­o­vat­ing the fac­to­ry with mate­ri­als that they found or were made avail­able to them. The build­ing itself has a beau­ti­ful pres­ence, which was enhanced by the work the own­ers are doing on the build­ing, so our work at this stage was to make a strat­e­gy and set rules for the devel­op­ment and pro­vide ideas for the use of the spaces, and for move­able spaces, while main­tain­ing the unique char­ac­ter of the building.

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peeled off facade.


We also were invited to make a

Giant Dollshouse in the peanut factory, with many people particpating.