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The Dolls’ House and the Enclave: A Domestic Toolkit.

The PhD by design was an exploration of the home through images of Saint Jerome Under the Pollard Willow by Rembrand and the 17th century Dutch Dolls’house by Petronella Oortman.

Saint Jerome, a man, is always pictured on his own in the world, making his home with objects around him, protected by the willow. The dolls’house was a model of society, run by a woman, and had no relation to the outside. In real life these two images coincide: we all live according to an idea and make our own space with our objects around us, wherever we are.

The result is a miniature toolkit with objects that can form the home again and again. 

This research still influences the way the office approaches the design of spaces and furniture, as can be seen in the house in Sussex. 

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