The Dolls’ House and the Enclave: A Domes­tic Toolkit.

The PhD by design was an explo­ration of the home through images of Saint Jerome Under the Pol­lard Wil­low by Rem­brand and the 17th cen­tu­ry Dutch Doll­s’­house by Petronel­la Oortman.

Saint Jerome, a man, is always pic­tured on his own in the world, mak­ing his home with objects around him, pro­tect­ed by the wil­low. The doll­s’­house was a mod­el of soci­ety, run by a woman, and had no rela­tion to the out­side. In real life these two images coin­cide: we all live accord­ing to an idea and make our own space with our objects around us, wher­ev­er we are.

The result is a minia­ture toolk­it with objects that can form the home again and again. 

This research still influ­ences the way the office approach­es the design of spaces and fur­ni­ture, as can be seen in the house in Sussex. 

The base of the toolkit.